Our Beloved SAM
SAM's Doggie Dude Ranch is named for our beloved dog SAM. Although SAM has gone to Doggie Heaven, his gift to this world lives on.

SAM won the coveted “World's Ugliest Dog” contest every year he entered. In fact, SAM has been dubbed the “Ugliest Dog EVER!” Since he’s been gone, many other dogs have entered the race for “ugly” in hopes of claiming the title.

SAM touched people in so many ways…from eliciting uncontrollable laughter to being a little frightened. Mostly, though, it was the love between SAM and his parent Susie that endeared the pair to so many.

SAM taught us that there can be love, affection and respect for even the so-called unattractive critters of this world. We’ve received countless e-mails telling us about animals once considered “unadoptable” that have been taken in and loved by new parents.

Although SAM will be missed by millions, he surely did his good deed while on this earth. SAM's website had over 130 million hits – including 6 million the day after he died!

We have very fond memories of SAM, and you can see pictures of him on his blog page. We hope you have a chance to come visit us soon.

To see a photo gallery of SAM, please see his blog here.